Bible Resources:

BibleGateway – A tool for reading and researching scripture online. – An online bible study resource.



Intimate Issues by Linda Dillow & Lorraine Pintus – A wonderful book that helps women learn how to better embrace God’s perspective of sex. (Article)

Red Hot Monogamy by Bill & Pam Farrel – A great book that talks about what you need to know to add spark and sizzle to your love life! (Article)

She Comes First: A Thinking Man’s Guide For Pleasuring Women– An excellent guide for cunnilingus. (Article)

Sheet Music by: Dr. Kevin Leman — a practical guide to sex according to God’s plan. In his characteristic style, Kevin Leman addresses a wide spectrum of people, from those with no sexual experiences to those with past sexual problems or even abuse. (Article)

The Five Love Languages by: Dr. Gary Chapman – A book that helps couples learn how to better communicate love to their spouse, in a “language” they can hear. (Article)

The Power of a Praying Wife by: Stormie Omartian – Omartian shares how wives can develop a deeper relationship with their husbands by praying for them. (Article)

The Sexually Confident Wife by: Shannon Ethridge –  Not only is Shannon Ethridge helping wives, but she is also assisting in tearing down that stereotype that “good girls” or Christian women should be ashamed to enjoy sex. (Article)



Bliss – An online sex game you can download to your computer to play with your spouse. (Article)

Simply Romantic Nights – A game that puts excitement, passion, and romance into marriages! (Article)


Marital Intimacy Resources:

Christian – The original site from which this site branched off from.   Tons of articles, polls, you name it for your reading pleasure.

American Board of Christian Sex Therapists – If you and your spouse encounter obstacles that you are having trouble overcoming on your own, a Christian Certified Sex Therapist can be a real asset.

Hookin’ Up Holy – “It’s our goal to help build intimacy and fun within the marriage bed, and strengthen the bonds of holy matrimony, because spouses who play together stay together.”

The Intimate Couple – A Christian site for both men and women that explores emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and sexual intimacy in marriage.

Marriage-Vineyard –  An online Christian store where married couples can shop together for things that may ignite their intimacy and passion together.

Romance Between The Lines – When Christ is in the marriage… Passionate Romance can truly abound!


Family Help Resources:

Focus on the Family – Articles, online broadcasts, books, dvds and other resources aimed at making families stronger.


Pornography Resources:

Covenant Eyes – Accountability reports and internet filtering. (Article)

K9 Web Protection – Free internet filtering for the home. (Article)

XXX CHURCH – Resources and accountability software for men and women.


Sexual Positions:

The CN Position Page – A list of all of our weekly positions! 😛

Sexual Positions Free – Wooden figures in position.


Women’s Resources:

Bravissimo – Lingerie, swimwear, and clothing, for large chested women.

DivaCup – A modern alternative to disposable tampons and pads. Latex free and hypoallergenic. (Article)

Instead Softcup – Unique advancement in period protection. You don’t have to change your routine because you are on your period! (Article)

Mama Mia Lingerie – Sexy maternity lingerie, sleepwear, bras, and sets! Stay feeling sexy throughout your pregnancy. (Article)

Myself – A pelvic muscle trainer. It helps you perform kegel exercises easily and effectively. (Article)

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  1. I have read all but 1 of those books and they are great recommendations. I would also recommend them to others as well and I have loaned a few of them to my friends who are married!

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