Please keep the following things in mind as you read and comment on my blog:

As always, I reserve the right to not publish comments from anyone that I deem inappropriate.

Personal pictures are not allowed on my site. I will email those people asking them to change their avatar to something different if a personal picture appears.  This is for the safety of all of us.

Comments should be brief. Please limit the length of your comment to two to three brief paragraphs.  Longer comments will be edited down or deleted.

Comments from men will not be published. 

Commenting here just to drop your own personal link (otherwise known as “link-dropping”) is frowned upon. Comments made with links will be moderated and judged on an individual basis.  Many times the comment will not be approved.  The exception to this is my affiliates.

Comments from singles will be deleted. Our blog was created to minister to and fellowship with married women..

Engaged people are allowed to comment as long as they understand that their comments will be moderated heavily and may be subject to deletion. Comments from engaged people will be handled on an individual basis.


2 thoughts on “Guidelines

  1. I am married and left a comment yesterday under the “difficulties and struggles” section and was wondering how long does it take to get it published?

    • Sorry, I’ve been struggling with a major sinus infection that has my eyes bothering me terribly when I read. It usually doesn’t take this long to approve.

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