POTW: Water Love

I thought I’d give a simple position that many of you may appreciate with summer being here.  For this position it may be best if you both lube up with a silicone based lube beforehand and then get into the pool, lake, or ocean.  This is a pretty discrete position that you can disguise as a hug/kiss/conversation.

You simply go out into water that is about chest high, and then the wife is able to “jump up” into the husband’s arms and wrap her legs around him.  The husband can penetrate and thrust while standing there holding his wife.  They can hug and kiss and talk and passers-by won’t think twice.

Pros: This is a GREAT position for couples that have always wanted to accomplish standing sex but were unable to do so.  The water helps to hold up the wife’s weight, so there is no strain at all on the husband.

Cons: Some couples dislike water sex because of the friction the water causes.


POTW: Waterlingus

As you can probably tell from the title, this is a cunnilingus position designed with a swimming pool or body of water in mind.  You will need a raft, tube, or noodle.

To begin with, the wife needs to get some type of flotation device.  Noodles work great for this, or some type of small raft.  The couple goes to wherever the ladder or steps are in the pool and the husband leans back or sits on them.  The wife lies back onto her noodle in a floating position, and puts her feet up on the ladder or side of the pool, around her husband’s head.  The husband is now able to pull her into him and give her oral sex.  This one should be pretty easy to picture.

Pros: Another carefree position for the wife.

Cons: Make sure your flotation device keeps you afloat!


POTW: Honeycomb

This is an oral sex position that is sure to please!  And from the title I bet you can guess who will be getting the most pleasure here.  Wives, this one is for you!

To get into position the husband will lay down on his back on the bed.  He then needs to let his head hang just off the edge.  The wife then walks up to the bed and straddles her husband’s face.  He pleasures her orally while she stands.  She can lean over and hold on to the bed or his body to keep her balance.

This is one position where having a lower bed is probably best.  If your bed is on bed risers then the wife may need to stand on small stools in order to accomplish this one.  Get creative and see what other furniture you have in your house that would accommodate this position!

Pros: Wives have some power here, as they are able to move and add pressure as needed.  Husbands may like the eye candy.

Cons: Some women are uncomfortable or unable to orgasm standing up.  Make sure that the husband has adequate ventilation for breathing!


POTW: Ballerina

You do not need to have a tutu or tiara on hand to attempt this position.  Personally, I think it could look very sexy though, especially if you are commando. (Just watch out for the tooling of the tutu because that material is extremely itchy.)  This is one of those positions where your husband will be able to lay back and enjoy the show.

Have your husband lie down on his back and then prop him up by placing some pillows behind his back.  This should help him tilt his pelvis toward the side of the bed.  You will start by standing on the side of the bed facing him.  Lift one leg and extend it over your husband, thus the position name, while keeping your other leg straight with your foot flat on the floor for support.  I recommend putting whichever leg is closest to your husband’s feet over his body.  This way he gets a better view of your most imitate parts and he can help you with stimulation.  If you are more coordinated using the other leg then by all means go with whatever works for you.  Don’t feel like you need to keep your arms up like a ballerina.  Use those hands for balance.  If your balance is excellent and you don’t need to use you arms to brace yourself then feel free to use them on your husband.  You should have easy assess to his testicles, perineum and (if you can stretch) his rear.

If your supporting leg becomes tired at any point have your husband take over with the thrusting.  You want to make sure that whatever surface your husband is lying on is not too high because it is much more difficult for you to get leverage for adequate thrusting.  If he is a little lower then you can bend your knee in a squat like movement.  When your husband is basking in the afterglow he will most likely look at you as the princess you are and no, it’s not because of your tiara.  He will be overcome with the wonderful sensations he felt from his very own personal ballerina.

Pros: ~Very relaxing for the husband.

~Easy clitoral access for the husband or wife.

~If the wife starts to get tired the husband can take over with the movements.

~Easy to control deep or shallow penetration.

~Nice tight fit.

Cons: ~Can be tricky line up genitals, especially if the bed (or whichever surface is high).

~Leg may start aching but just think of those new muscles you are developing.  😉


POTW: The Thigh Master

Here we go with another “outercourse” position!    Outercourse positions are great for those times when penis-in-vagina intercourse just isn’t possible (menstruation, infection, etc.)

For this position you will need two pieces of comfortable furniture such as the bed, sofa, chair, ottoman, or cushioned stool.  The wife will lie back onto something (an ottoman works great) and then put her feet up onto a higher piece of furniture or counter/table.  It actually works great if she can bend her knees over the other piece of furniture.  The other way to get into position is to have the wife lie down on one narrow but long piece of furniture.  Something like a chaise.  She will then need to raise her knees up and put her feet flat down.

The husband will stand over his wife, straddling her.  He will face her feet.  He can then insert his penis in between her lubed thighs and thrust.  He will be able to use his hands to compress her thighs together making it tighter for him.  He can also thrust right at her vertex so that his penis is rubbing up against her clitoris, giving her pleasure!

Pros: This is a great position to use when PIV isn’t possible!

Cons: It may be difficult to find the furniture needed to make this work.

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POTW: Shower Sex 2

In Position #24: Shower Sex, Cinnamonsticks described a position where you are facing your husband.  In this sequel, I’ll be talking about a position facing away from your husband.  Please note that in this position you will need a very sturdy shower rod.

For this position the couple is in the shower.  The wife turns to face the side of the tub and the husband stands behind her facing the same way.  The wife lifts one leg and puts it up on the side of the tub, and then reaches up and holds on to the shower rod to keep her stabilized.  (This will only work if you have a very sturdy shower rod.  If your shower rod is a simple tension rod that can fall easily then please do not attempt this.)  The husband is able to enter from behind and hold on to his wife’s hips to help with thrusting while she is holding on (not hanging on, there is a difference) to the shower rod above.  You can see a picture of this position on Cosmo by clicking here.

Pros: You get to enjoy making love while having hot water cascading down you both!

Cons: Couples with large height differences may have a problem with this position.

POTW: Sunny Side Up

The sunny side up position can be used for either oral pleasure and/or intercourse.  It is a form of basic missionary position with the husband on top with a little twist.  You will be on your back but instead of having to hold your legs in the air or wrapping them around your husband they will be held up with either ankle/thigh restraints or a soft fabric. Your husband may be better off kneeling, rather than lying on top of you, when entering.  If you are using a soft fabric be careful that you don’t make the knot too tight.  Cutting off circulation would not be a good thing.

The wonderful thing about this position is that you can just lie back and relax.  It is great for the husband because he can have a fantastic view without worrying if your legs are getting tired.  If you don’t have bedposts to tie to then you can look around your house for an alternative to use.   Just make sure it is sturdy and that it doesn’t come down on top of you in the heat of the moment. If you have a dating husband you could even have him put his legs in the restraints while you perform some ‘Advanced Oral Techniques’ on him.  8)


Pros~ Very relaxing position for the wife.

~ Great view for husband.

Con~ Difficult to change positions spontaneously

~ Legs could fall asleep if left this way for an extended amount of time.