Weekly poll: What is the best birthday present you could give your hubby?


Monday Poll

Monday Poll

Monday poll

Monday poll… in the making

Not exactly a poll, but I would like to you to help me make this listing a list, and I will take the list here and make it into a poll to see what kind of sex toys you use in your bedroom.   Please feel free to post the names (no links, please…they will be reviewed for webpage content if you do and may NOT be posted if deemed the site would cause people to stumble. )
Here’s my list

*bullet vibes (single and double)

*clone a willy

*strap on butterfly

*g spot vibrator

*one more that I’ll have to look up it’s name…. had rotating beads inside the vibrator shaft…..

Monday poll

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Weekly poll #2

original article is here  You will want to be sure to read this article before you take the poll for it to make any sense.

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