Monday Mission: New sex surface

Your mission this week is to use a different surface than your bed for sex. It could still be in your bedroom, but consider other options, too. The bathroom counter. The kitchen table. The coffee table. An occasional chair. The stairs. Have fun!

Monday Mission: More Kissing

Your mission this week is take more time to kiss when you are home together. Be intentional about giving kisses when you greet and say goodbye. Take time to stop what you are doing to give unexpected kisses and let some of those kisses linger that would usually be quick ones. Just enjoy kissing a little more than normal this week.

Monday’s Mission #15

One simple but profound thing to do for your hubby would be to ask him how you could be a better friend to him.  If you can be still and really listen to what he shares (not jumping in with your own ideas nor becoming defensive), you’ll be amazed at what you can learn about him, his needs, and how to love him well.  Every husband needs his wife to be a friend to him.

Monday Mission #14

Treat hubby to a virtual vacation at the beach on date night.  Get the kids out of the house before he comes home.  (Swap favors with a friend, etc.)  A couple of hours before he comes home turn the thermostat up until the house is about 80.  Download a video of beach scenes like this one onto a CD and set it to repeat until you stop it.  Pack a picnic lunch for your dinner.  Spread a big beach towel on the floor in front of the tv.  Put on your swimsuit and greet hubby at the door and tell him that you are taking a short beach vacation tonight.  Proceed as though you were actually on the beach and have the beach to yourself.