Temporarily closing Monogabliss

Unfortunately, life is taking it’s toll on me right now.  Between my parents illnesses (cancer) and large amounts of time and energy that my “real” job is taking right now, I am not at a point where I can continue writing.  I am prayerfully considering the future of the blog, so if you would pray for me and for God’s will to be done with this ministry? I appreciate it.

I will be locking comments on this very soon.  I just don’t have time to moderate.  For those of you who have been faithfully following me from Christian Nymphos to Monogabliss, I appreciate you very much.

Thanks for your patience.

I thought I had set up more articles, but I guess I didn’t!  It has been a busy few weeks… graduated off my oldest child, too much to do at my real day job, and we had a break in at our house!  Fun, huh?

During the summer months, I tend to cut back to three articles a week (MWF).  I will put up a reader’s question on Monday, discussion of an article that I have read for the week on Wednesday, and POTW each Friday.  It’s going to be a busy summer, but hopefully, I can get back to full steam Labor Day weekend!  Pray for me.  I am so used to having my Spice Sisters helping out, but this blog is a big task.  I love doing it, and God has nudged me to continue from my Christian Nymphos days, but I need prayer that I will listen for God’s guidance as I move forward in the future.   Thanks so much!!  If you have any ideas for the Fall, please post them here!!


Wow and WHEW!

Okay, I’ve been laid up in bed all weekend with a knee injury and I just read all my emails…. please remind me never to go that long without reading and checking my emails!  Your questions have been amazing!  Some I have answered personally, so thank you for being ever so patient with me.  Others I have tagged to respond to as soon as I can or to make articles from.

Again, thank you so much for your patience.  Now that my Dad is doing better, relatively speaking, I can try to get back to work on here.


My father has been hospitalized again, so there might be a period of time where posts are few and far between.  Not sure yet.  Comments may not be published in a timely manner.  I apologize in advance.  I will try to schedule articles while I am out, but I ask for your prayers.   Cancer stinks.


Happy 1st Anniversary, Monogabliss!

This time last year, I was beginning my new journey on this new blog!  I am so excited that God helped me continue the ministry He started on Christian Nymphos.   It has been a joy to work through a tough first year of settling in on my own writings while trying to help keep the name of Christian Nymphos out there as a source for all married women who have questions about God’s intention for sex in marriage.

In this next year, may God continue to bless this ministry and help me to continue to help you in any way that He feels that myself and my readers need.   Thank you, my faithful readers, for continuing to follow me and recommend my blog to your friends!

So very sorry…..

October has turned into a horribly busy month, and I lost track of when I had set my last articles to publish!  ACK!  Sorry if you commented a week ago or if you emailed me and I haven’t responded …. life gets back to normal on November 1…. I hope. LOL!  In the mean time, I hope you enjoy a few of the things I have brought back from CN.   I hope to have at least one new article a week until November, where I can get busy again.  Thanks for understanding!