Archive | September 24, 2013

“You made my dreams come true”

I heard this from him last week.  It was one of the proudest moments I have felt in a long time.

I can only speak for my husband, but I am sure just about all married men have something in mind that if their wife would do it for them, it would be like a dream he had coming true.  Wives isn’t that what it’s all about?  Doing something for our husbands that is so giving that he feels like his best dream came true?  It’s exactly what Jesus did for us.  Our sin on this earth keeps us from the biggest dream come true ever.   The promise of eternity in heaven with God.  There isn’t any way that we can earn it back. We can never do enough good to receive that promise.  We blow it every day.  But God knew we would do that before we were even created and he made a way.  His Son, Jesus Christ, the Messiah…the Savior of the world.   He came down from heaven and sacrificed his very life so that this dream of ours, heaven, could be attained.   All we had to do is believe in Him… call on him to be our personal Savior.

So, why did my hubby say this?  To him, the ultimate gift I could give him was oral sex.  I am not always the #1 fan of oral sex, but my brain was buzzing that night (like his does on a daily basis) and since we couldn’t have intercourse due to a heavy flow day, I took him orally.   I took him very deeply orally…something I usually cannot do due to a really bad gag reflex.   It was something that I chose to freely give, and before we fell asleep, he uttered these words, “You just made my dream come true.”  That meant the world to me.

It’s really important that we put our spouse before ourselves.  In light of my post last week about  my recent discovery of my own perimenopausal vaginal atrophy, we hadn’t been able to have intercourse in almost a month.   I know how hard it is for him.  He doesn’t want to make me feel bad because it is really something beyond my control, but I wanted to do something for him that would show my appreciation for his patience and loving nature during all of this.

Have you ever made your husband’s dream come true?  What would it take for you to do it for him?  Trust me, if you haven’t experienced the joy in doing something this special for your husband, make a plan to do so.  It will bless you as well as bless him.