POTW: The Dessert Menu

This is a simple oral sex position that could easily be used after a nice, private dinner for two, or anytime you find yourselves with private time in your kitchen.  For this position the wife simply sits on top of the kitchen table and spreads her legs wide, facing her husband.  She can lean back on her hands or elbows.  The husband sits in a chair as he normally would for dinner, except this is dessert time!

The husband is then able to perform cunnilingus on his wife.  You may need to alter this somewhat to fit your kitchen.  This position can be done on a bar or even your kitchen counter.

Pros: The table or bar lifts the wife up so that the husband has easy access.

Cons: The wife will be sitting on a hard surface, which may become uncomfortable after a while.

Tip: Make sure you trade places so that the wife gets her dessert too!



One thought on “POTW: The Dessert Menu

  1. We love using the kitchen table this way! Hubby always says “It’s the best meal ever!” 🙂
    Sometimes I will get on my hands and knees on the table and he’ll eat me from behind while he sits at the head of the table. Works really well too! As far as the hard surface goes, we just throw down a comforter first.

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