He likes pears

There are times when I really let Satan get my self image down.  I don’t intend to let him in, but somehow, I guess he finds a loophole.  He must be very good at squirming in, too.   I look at myself in the mirror and think, what in the world does he see in me?  The world glorifies skinny, pretty young women, and I look at the pear shape in the mirror and sigh, but then I hear God say, “He likes pears.”   🙂

My husband, to his credit, does an amazing job of making me feel loved and wanted.   Besides the obvious physical signs that he needs me, I am noticing more often than I used to that he flavors his speech about me…. most recently, he refers to me as “his bride”.   He can’t keep his hands off me, and I am finding out more and more lately, that there are places that his hands go that I really like.  All of the sudden, him running his hands through my hair makes me feel amazing.  It brings on very strong feelings I haven’t felt in awhile.  Running his  hands, not his fingertips, across my skin is very erogenous.    I love hands on skin contact.   He is doing that more often without me having to ask.

All this to say,  when I look in the mirror now, God allows me to see what my husband finds so attractive in me.  Yes, he does like pears.

One thought on “He likes pears

  1. This is something that I do as well. It seems to happen when things have been going particularly well for a while and then, BAM! I get a glimpse in the mirror of what my husband sees and I think, “Get real! How could he possibly like what he sees? He must just be saying that because he knows it’s what I want/need to hear.” Then I get to thinking I’m all ridiculous-like and I back off a bit emotionally.

    My husband now recognizes when my thoughts have turned that direction and reminds me how Satan desires to destroy our intimacy and that MY thinking is not HIS thinking at all when it comes to how I look. He realizes that this is a weakness for me and employs all sorts of things to try to continuously keep me seeing myself as he sees me. I DO love and appreciate my man!

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