Archive | August 28, 2013


I had an interesting question come up.   With the use of phones and webcams and iPads and such….  is it a good idea to take pictures of yourself and text them to your spouse?

It depends on your comfort level first of all.   Me, personally, I really wouldn’t want to send “personal” pictures to my hubby on his phone.  He works with Jr. High and HS kids…what if he left his phone laying around and someone else were to pick it up?  What if his phone gets stolen?  My picture could be text all over kingdom come….

Now, in the past, when he goes on out of town trips, we have got on webcam and given each other peepshows, when it was just him and me in our rooms (his hotel private room and me when the kids are in bed and won’t be visiting me in my room)  It has been very erotic.  Nothing recorded or anything like that.

If your spouse ever asks you to do something that you are uncomfortable with or to do something you think is sinful, I wouldn’t do it.  Gently explain your reasons why.   Examine your reason.   Is it selfish or a reasonable concern?  If you think it is sinful, do you have scripture to back it up?  Can you come up with a compromise that would be acceptable to both of you?

What would you do if your spouse asked you to take a picture and send it to him via text or email?