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Every hour….

Did I get you?

I was perusing The Generous Wife website again, and I came upon this article on Doing something nice for your hubby every hour on the hour….  This can be a weekend thing, since we usually have more time on the weekend….

The author suggested the following….

Kiss him or flash him.
Give him a small gift (this will take a bit of planning).
Pay him a compliment.
Buy a bag of flavored jelly beans, taste and guess the flavor.

Let’s make a list of other ideas of what we could do for them…. they don’t have to be expensive, as a matter of fact, free is the best!  Then let’s try it this weekend….

Reader’s question: Help a HSD wife

Do you have any advice for women with a HSD dealing with a man with LSD? This is the case with our marriage, and we’ve only been married 4 months! I try to talk about it with my husband, but it seems like he is just constantly tired. I am nearly always the initiator. We both work full time – I just don’t know why he is always wiped out. He has said a couple of times that when he is tired (or when I want to try something new) sex feels like work. I know he didn’t mean it to be hurtful but I kind of resent that comment. How on earth to I talk about my frustration without completely damaging his self-esteem?

I am not HSD in my house, so I will leave this out there for any of you HSD wives… what has worked for you?