Candida, Lactobacillus and E-Coli, oh my.

Well, I thought I would throw this out there to y’all and see if you can help me!  (Yes, yes…haha)   Over the past month and a half, I have been on so much medication for the above mentioned things… first I thought I had a yeast infection.  When OTC stuff wasn’t working, I made an appointment to see my doctor (I was horribly sore, red and swollen)  She prescribed me  fluconazole (Diflucan) and sent my swab off for testing.  I also started eating more yogurt, thinking it would be helpful.  Actually, I ended up contributing more to the problem…..

It came back not for yeast, but for lactobacillus.   I had NO IDEA what that was at the time, but Google has become my friend…. good or bad.  Haha.  Evidently, I have an over abundance of lactobacillus, the bacteria that disinfects the vagina.  When there is too much, it is processed into lactic acid, hence the burning and pain I was experiencing.   Baking soda baths and baking soda douching as well.  Went back again after 10 days, and she did another swab.  While it was MUCH better than my original exam, it still showed larger than normal amounts of lactobacillus.   More Diflucan.   To this date, I have had more Diflucan than I care to count.  I also underwent a 7 day in a row regimen in order to get it under control…. then came the E-Coli.

So along with the Diflucan came Sulfa-meth.  I had her refill the prescription when I went on vacation.  I didn’t want to be far away from her and home before it happened again.  It didn’t, but when we came home, it came back.

She is probably going to send me to a urologist when I call her back.  Here is my question…. is there anything I can add to my diet to lower the lactobacillus in my digestive system?  I know of using it in yogurt to help with yeast, but evidently it has worked the wrong way.   Any suggestions?  I always wipe from front to back…. so the E-Coli caught me off guard.   I can feel it coming back again, so I want to be proactive so I don’t have to be medicated again.    It really messes with sex, too.  We go “long” times between intercourse when I have these episodes, and it seems to come back after sexual intercourse.  We haven’t changed lubes… I thought that might be the case, but we’ve used Swiss Navy for a long time.  He doesn’t use a different soap than usual….

If you have any suggestions, I am all open for them!

4 thoughts on “Candida, Lactobacillus and E-Coli, oh my.

  1. I did a little research and found this,…” Lactobacilli produce lactic acid from glucose, keeping the vagina at an acidic pH. After puberty under the influence of oestrogen, glycogen is deposited in the vaginal epithelial cells, which is metabolized by vaginal epithelial cells to glucose. Lactobacillus converts glucose to lactic acid.[2,4]”

    I would highly recommend eliminating ALL SUGARS and starches until this clears completely. I had a similar situation last summer with my intestinal flora going crazy and trying to find a cure. I still am dealing with it but to a much lesser degree.

    Because of all the genetically modified corn and soy and all the products made from them in all the processed foods on the store shelves, people are beginning to see some serious health issues. Stay away from all GMO foods, all sugars, all starches, all dairy and all store bought meat. Try this for a few weeks and see how much better you might start feeling.

    Good luck.

  2. SO SORRY for your struggle! The past year I too have been dealing with issues that I never had before in the yeast/vaginal infection area. Come to find out, my sister was as well. She took the medical approach (multiple doctor visits and rounds of Diflucan) with little to no success. That however, wasn’t an option for me financially so I tried everything I could find in the natural/do-it-yourself Google searches! Finally, I stumbled across the Renew Life website. Salvation at last!!!! My sister and I both take their probiotic Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support 90 Billion and neither of us struggle anymore. So very thankful to find them. Hope that this is helpful to you and your DH!

  3. Oh, that sounds horrible! I have changed the Ph in my body by taking a product from It Works, called “Greens.” Not only does it alkalize the body with all-natural ingredients, two very small scoops provide over 8 servings of fruits and veggies per day. I feel terrific, and it’s also allowed me to overcome sugar cravings. Greens comes in orange and also fruit flavors. I make a protein/fruit smoothie in my blender, water is the base, and I throw in a little vinegar and kale or spinach.

  4. Cytolytic vaginosis is the chronic form of this. It can be very uncomfortable, but not always a bad thing. Just remember to clean regularly and do not use tampons. Try to lower your acidic intake and try drinking Ionized Alkaline water. Also some over the counter options like PH duches can help.

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