POTW: Water Love

I thought I’d give a simple position that many of you may appreciate with summer being here.  For this position it may be best if you both lube up with a silicone based lube beforehand and then get into the pool, lake, or ocean.  This is a pretty discrete position that you can disguise as a hug/kiss/conversation.

You simply go out into water that is about chest high, and then the wife is able to “jump up” into the husband’s arms and wrap her legs around him.  The husband can penetrate and thrust while standing there holding his wife.  They can hug and kiss and talk and passers-by won’t think twice.

Pros: This is a GREAT position for couples that have always wanted to accomplish standing sex but were unable to do so.  The water helps to hold up the wife’s weight, so there is no strain at all on the husband.

Cons: Some couples dislike water sex because of the friction the water causes.


3 thoughts on “POTW: Water Love

  1. Not always so discreet… LOL–tried this once in the Caribbean… and we ran screaming out of the water when some weird fish attached itself to my naked butt. Thank goodness it was a Club Med and no one was uber-shocked. But be prepared for the unexpected!

    • Pinksugar,
      I think your right. Man I would hate to be arrested at the expense of a sexual thrill or fantasy.

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