Thanks for your patience.

I thought I had set up more articles, but I guess I didn’t!  It has been a busy few weeks… graduated off my oldest child, too much to do at my real day job, and we had a break in at our house!  Fun, huh?

During the summer months, I tend to cut back to three articles a week (MWF).  I will put up a reader’s question on Monday, discussion of an article that I have read for the week on Wednesday, and POTW each Friday.  It’s going to be a busy summer, but hopefully, I can get back to full steam Labor Day weekend!  Pray for me.  I am so used to having my Spice Sisters helping out, but this blog is a big task.  I love doing it, and God has nudged me to continue from my Christian Nymphos days, but I need prayer that I will listen for God’s guidance as I move forward in the future.   Thanks so much!!  If you have any ideas for the Fall, please post them here!!


2 thoughts on “Thanks for your patience.

  1. PS… something seems to be wrong with my email account connected to the Got Questions page. If you have sent me an email, never fear, I got it, but I can’t get it to open! Give me some time and I will be back with answers to you, either personally or on the blog here!

  2. I just found your website today in doing some research for my blog and its such a blessing to find such honest Christian women talking about sex and marriage! I love your posts and resources! Your POTW is excellent! Love the ideas! So creative and again honest, not easy to find. You are doing an excellent job and I am excited to read more of what God puts on your heart! Blessings,
    Catherine (

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