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From my head to my bed….

How do I make the transition from what I think in my head, to what I actually do in my bed?  While my DH is away or at work I can imagine the types of things I would like to do or try sexually but when it’s show time, I have a hard time following through.  Any suggestions?

Ah, my dear reader, you just snuck inside my head!  I will confess that I am not the greatest with my imagination.  I don’t spend a lot of time thinking in my head what I would like to do with my hubby.   For example, last night in bed, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if I just rolled over right on top of him and said, ‘now what do you want to do?’ ”  It sounded like a great way to start something with him, and I do not initiate as often as he does, so I was feeling really great about it.   Until I looked to my left, and there he was, and for some darn reason…. I just couldn’t do it!  FINALLY, I said to myself, “Look, stupid…you’re married to this wonderful man.  He’s a hunk.  You love him.  You know you love making love to him, JUST DO IT.”   I HATE having to talk myself into doing things as innocuous as this…. For the life of me, I wish I could be more like I was right after my awakening…. I really need to work on this.

My advice, just do it.   He will probably love it!  My DH’s answer to my question last night….. “Well, I can think of several things we can do….”   This is the man you chose to marry.  This is the man who loves you more than anything in the world.  This is the man who will probably LOVE what kinky stuff is going on in your mind.  Just do it!  As long as the two of you are into it and not doing anything immoral or illegal, just do it!

Anyone else want to post some suggestions for this reader?

Thanks for your patience.

I thought I had set up more articles, but I guess I didn’t!  It has been a busy few weeks… graduated off my oldest child, too much to do at my real day job, and we had a break in at our house!  Fun, huh?

During the summer months, I tend to cut back to three articles a week (MWF).  I will put up a reader’s question on Monday, discussion of an article that I have read for the week on Wednesday, and POTW each Friday.  It’s going to be a busy summer, but hopefully, I can get back to full steam Labor Day weekend!  Pray for me.  I am so used to having my Spice Sisters helping out, but this blog is a big task.  I love doing it, and God has nudged me to continue from my Christian Nymphos days, but I need prayer that I will listen for God’s guidance as I move forward in the future.   Thanks so much!!  If you have any ideas for the Fall, please post them here!!