Sensitive Skin

Oh man have I had a rough week! I thought I had a yeast infection. I get maybe one every two years. The first day of discomfort was kind of strange. I kept wondering if I was getting an infection. The second day the itching was worse, but everything looked normal (no weird discharge or anything). After the third day of really bad itching, I broke down and took my oral RX that I had left over from last year. I remembered that it could take a couple of days to work, but after a couple of days I was no better. So I took another one and waited. Then when I got into the shower one night I had a startling realization…

Let me start by saying that I have extremely sensitive skin. I have eczema and have to use special soap that costs nearly $6 per bar. I also cannot use any type of bath oils, bath beads, bubble bath, etc., because if I do I will get a UTI, guaranteed. I’ve learned over the years what I can and can’t use, and I usually stick with the things that I know are okay for me.

Well, the grocery store was out of my regular Skintimates shave gel last weekend, so I picked up some Gillette Satin Care. I didn’t really think anything about it. It was a vanilla scented kind and I love vanilla. I used it twice to shave down there. It wasn’t until I was about to use it a third time, that my eyes were suddenly opened…I WAS ALLERGIC TO THE NEW SHAVE GEL! Why did I not realize that before? So I just washed myself with my nice expensive soap, and I rinsed off real good with hot water. I did this again a few times over the next two days, and then my symptoms went away.

So I wasted a perfectly good prescription all because I was allergic to the shave gel. :mad: I really should have known better. It’s very frustrating to be so ultra sensitive to so many different things. I even have to use special laundry detergent (dye free, fragrance free, etc.). My mother is the same way, and I’m already seeing the same issues in my children.

I guess this was mainly written as a vent. I assume there are other women out there who have skin issues like I do, but my girlfriends don’t seem to battle with these issues. I thought that maybe some of you out there may be able to relate to this though…

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2 thoughts on “Sensitive Skin

  1. There are some very nice organic soaps that are very safe for sensitive skin like Bronner’s Magic Soap and sulfates/phalates/phosphates/parfum free soaps. And they aren’t too expensive. Heck you can find some of them at Wal-greens, Target, and Wal-mart. I’ve found through my own sensitive skin experience it isn’t the dye and fragrances I’m allergic to; but harmful chemicals such as sulfates/phalates/phosphates/parfum and products that don’t have those chemicals but contain gluten or wheat in some way (I have a food sensitivity and it affects ALL of my body). Try making your own laundry soap. There is a great recipe that includes a bar of grated Fels- Naphata soap, 1 cup of borax, and 1 cup washing soda. You can get all the ingredients at Wal-Mart or Target. You just put on 1 tablespoon (or a little more as needed) of this mixture in as your laundry and it cleans better than the pre-made laundry stuff. You could try using just plain white vinegar w/ maybe a few drops of essential oil for a fabric softener. I have to use bleach for my whites though but I get a phosphate- free bleach tablet and that helps a little (especially if I just use it now and then).

    As for the shave gel, Bronner’s makes a very nice shave gel that doesn’t irritate down under. Trouble is it can get sticky and then slippery (which is odd..). But other organic companies make nice shave gels too. I think I’ll even do my own research to see how I can make my own. But my skin really clearer up since going for a more natural approach. I used to get nasty welts and rashes all over my body and face just from the soaps I used. And even the deodorant I used it the store did that. Now I use milk of magnesium and a paint brush (it sounds crazy. But it REALLY works and I don’t see those nice welts unless I get razor burn from dry shaving).

  2. Oh no!! That sounds awful! I’m sure it’s a silly question, but have you seen an esthetician? I get a monthly facial and the combination of having someone tend to my skin and using the products that they’ve suggested (dermalogica sensitive skin) has totally changed my skincare routine around.

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