Monday Mission: Board games

Your mission this week is to get out a family board game and play it sex style. Change the rules so that clothing is removed or sexual favours are given for different parts of the game. What games would work with this?

2 thoughts on “Monday Mission: Board games

  1. We like to play The (Strip) Farming Game. For those who haven’t played the Farming Game, you’re basically farmers trying to harvest and buy more land/cattle, and the first one to reach $250,000 wins.

    When you roll for a harvest, you get to see how much money you earned, but you have to take an expense card too. Sometimes, you end up paying money for your harvest instead of earning any.

    In our strip version, you lose an article of clothing if you have to pay expenses instead of earning money. You can buy pieces back, but then, why would you? 🙂 Let’s just say that it’s fun to see who ends up the farmer with not even the shirt on his/her back first!

  2. I think Monopoly would work. Instead of charging rent for landing on property you could do sexual favours in exchange OR to buy properties from your partner you could use sexual currencies. Depending on how big the rent is depicts how large the sexual favour. Come up with a good idea on get out of jail free 😉

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