POTW: Sunny Side Up

The sunny side up position can be used for either oral pleasure and/or intercourse.  It is a form of basic missionary position with the husband on top with a little twist.  You will be on your back but instead of having to hold your legs in the air or wrapping them around your husband they will be held up with either ankle/thigh restraints or a soft fabric. Your husband may be better off kneeling, rather than lying on top of you, when entering.  If you are using a soft fabric be careful that you don’t make the knot too tight.  Cutting off circulation would not be a good thing.

The wonderful thing about this position is that you can just lie back and relax.  It is great for the husband because he can have a fantastic view without worrying if your legs are getting tired.  If you don’t have bedposts to tie to then you can look around your house for an alternative to use.   Just make sure it is sturdy and that it doesn’t come down on top of you in the heat of the moment. If you have a dating husband you could even have him put his legs in the restraints while you perform some ‘Advanced Oral Techniques’ on him.  8)


Pros~ Very relaxing position for the wife.

~ Great view for husband.

Con~ Difficult to change positions spontaneously

~ Legs could fall asleep if left this way for an extended amount of time.

3 thoughts on “POTW: Sunny Side Up

  1. Have tried this and love it. Was actually already thinking about it for tonight. Infinity scarves work wonderfully for those legs and actually the wrists too. Enjoy ladies!

  2. Does is make a difference for the woman having her feet up continuously though missionary? Whenever my husband and I have tried to do it he has a harder time staying in me so I usually just leave my heals on the bed. We have only been married for about two months now though so I dont really know if it would make a big difference for me having heals up long term ;P

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