POTW: Topsy Turvy

I will start out by saying that this position is a doozie. All of you women out there, who like to take control from time to time, listen up, because this position gives you the power! Follow the steps below to get into position.  Once in position, you should look like this.

1. The husband lies down and brings his knees up to his chest. (This is similar to the way the wife lays in The Sandwich position.)

2. The wife straddles him on her knees so that the backs of his thighs are touching her thighs.

3. The wife lowers herself onto his penis.

4. The husband bends his knees and lets his legs drape over the wife’s legs.

5. The wife controls the thrusting by pistoning up and down, and she keeps her balance by holding on to her husband’s knees, chest, or shoulders.

Pros: The woman who likes woman on top positions or dominant positions may love this one! Likewise, men who love to see their wives taking control on top may enjoy this one too!

Cons: If the husband is not limber enough then this position may not work. You both will need a good sense of balance as well.

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