Archive | April 9, 2013

Does Technology Threaten Your Marriage?

I came upon this article on The Marriage Bed‘s Facebook page.   When I saw the title, I thought that the topic might be a little different, but it still applies today.

My husband and I have  A LOT of technology at home.  We have 1 desk top computer, 4 laptops and 3 smart phones.  Granted one laptop and the desk top are my son’s for school, we feel very technology rich.  We email.  We use Facebook.  We text.  We don’t tweet yet…. I think we won’t… texting and FB seem enough for now.   But we’ve had to make a promise to each other.  We both have made our passwords available to each other.  At any time, he can ask to see my phone and texts, and vice versa.  I can read all his emails, his PMs and texts at any time.  In this day and age, that is important that spouses make that agreement with each other.   There is too much of a chance for innocent texts to become something more, and just like the article says, we are just asking for affairs when there is no accountability.   Satan loves it.  When couples become unaccountable to each other, Satan weaves his web of deception and before you know it, a marriage is damaged.

What do you have in place with your spouse regarding accountability?  Has this happened to you where you have been tempted by your feelings in the moment when you aren’t being held accountable by your spouse?