POTW: Shower Sex

Shower sex can be so exciting. Often spontaneous, it can be wonderfully romantic or hot and steamy, and yet it can be difficult sometimes to get the angle working right. That can be an issue with any standing position so I was happy to find a shower position that worked really well.

For this position it will be helpful if you have a sturdy, built in soap dish in your shower, similar to this:

The woman will position herself so that she can prop her foot up on the soap holder. Depending on how the plumbing is in your shower, you may also find that propping your foot on the tap or even the corner of the tub will work as well, but you might find that it works better if your foot is higher than the edge of the tub. Another option is to wrap your leg around your husband. These options will open you up and allow your husband to enter you more easily. You can do this even without resting your foot on something, but it can be tiring and I find that with the slippery surface of the shower floor it is better to have something to support me a bit more than my one foot. It may help with the angle if you press your pelvis into your husband and then lean back in his arms. Of course, that all depends on the height difference between you and your husband.

Pros ~ Steamy shower sex, a fun change, oral sex in the shower can be a good way for couples to start if they are hesitant about oral

Cons ~ Requires you to balance on one leg, can get tiring


3 thoughts on “POTW: Shower Sex

  1. I think shower sex is great for setting the mood because of the steamy atmosphere. We usually start in the shower and finish in the bed, where it’s a little easier to maneuver.

  2. We always shower together so we tend to have sex in the shower a lot, but we always use a rear entry position with us both standing. Might have to try this for some variety lol.

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