Reader Questions: Sex at the Beach

Hi I just have a quick question. I know you guys don’t like engaged people on here I just was wondering something. For my honeymoon my fiancee and I  are going to the coast. Without planning it I’m assuming we will end up on the beach at some point and I was just wondering if the saltwater would burn or cause yeast infection during water sex? Thanks for the help!

So, for anyone who has ever had sex at the beach, on the beach or in the ocean, what were your experiences with saltwater and intercourse?

One thought on “Reader Questions: Sex at the Beach

  1. Having done both (sex ON the beach, & IN the water), I can say that the salt water does not affect anything internally. Be sure to have a non-water-soluble lubricant “handy” as water is a terrible lubricant. If you do that, you should be good. BTW, it’s lots of fun – naked in the water is a huge turn-on!

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