Archive | March 26, 2013

Learning or Leaving: Our Past Experiences

I read another article that hit very close to home.   It reminded me of the first 11 years of my  marriage…. How I carried guilt and shame, let Satan reside in my mind and let him torture me with my past sin.   I took it out on my husband and my marriage bed.   I am thankful for the forgiveness from God and my husband that I can now look back and see God’s footprints trying to help me along, but He was patient enough to wait until I was ready to really listen and see what He wanted me to see.

This article is entitled That Still Hurts and it was written this past February.  I felt like I could have written it.  You can read about my past here on a CN article I wrote as NutmegNympho called Why Wait?  The Repercussions .  Remember, you are leaving this site for the Christian Nymphos site when you read it… not that it’s a bad thing, but some people have a problem with the name…. Satan had nailed me to my past and it really was ruining me, my husband, my marriage and my relationship with God.

I can think on my past now without all the damage it has done to me.   Like I said in my CN article, it’s in the Sea of Forgetfulness, but I can look at it and see God’s footprints in the whole situation.  My awakening was something spectacular in my life, where I could really see the truth….the whole truth.   I handed my past over to God.  He’s handling it now, and I don’t have to worry about it.  Satan can use it against me no more.

What did you glean from the article?  Did you learn something new?  Do you want to share your past experiences?  I am hopeful that my story will help someone who thinks they are in the pit of despair…. If you are in a pit, the only thing you can do is look up, right?

“You can never learn that Christ is all you need, until Christ is all you have.”
― Corrie ten Boom