Archive | March 22, 2013

POTW: Rear Entry

If you are craving deep G-spot stimulation or if your husband is a big fan of your backside then rear entry would probably be an ideal position for you. This position really stimulates the g-spot and it frees up the husbands hands to explore other areas. He can stimulate your clitoris, anus or caress your breasts. Ahhhh, what wonderful sensations.

Usually the woman gets on her hands and knees while the man is on just his knees in between or straddling her legs. Try the different styles to see which you prefer. I have found that if my legs are positioned outside my husbands, or if he has one knee up and the other leg straddling mine, that I get a deeper penetration. If you and your husband have a big height difference then he could always stand on the side of the bed while you are laying, tummy down, on it. Bed risers have been a big help for us on those occasions where my husband does choose to stand. Cumingirl wrote a through article on the benefits of bed risers. I have not tried but have heard wonderful things about the liberator helping your positioning as well.

If you are experiencing pain then try lowering your upper body down so that your chest is laying on the bed. Putting pillows under your belly may help as well. This should help him to not hit your cervix. Having an orgasm before getting into this position may also help not hit the cervix. He could always stay in a kneeing position while you do all the moving. That way you can see what depth feels right for you. Just keep communicating with him about what does and does not feel good. Don’t be afraid to move around and adjust.

Now that you are in position I will give you some pointers on what you can do to make this enjoyable for yourself and your husband as well. You or your husband can rub your clitoris while in this positions. If you are like me and have a difficult time having an orgasm through G-spot stimulation only then this is a must. (If you are unfamiliar with the location of your G-spot check out Spicy Nutmeg’s “Another New Spice…the G-spot” article.) Another option is for either of you to hold an egg vibrator or bullet to stimulate your clitoris. Your husband can also play around your anus at this time if it is something that interests you. He should start with light touches and then he can apply more or less pressure depending on what you like.

After you have you orgasm feel free to reach back to caress the area between your husband’s testicles and anus to help bring him maximum pleasure. Most husbands like this position because he gets to look at his wife’s backside and it is a nice tight fit for him. Speaking of backside and tight, an added bonus is if you can line him up in front of a mirror and see his tight bottom flexing as he thrusts. If you are not able to situate yourself in front of a mirror then a camcorder works just as well. ;)