Archive | March 19, 2013

Being Sexually Playful While Clothed….

I am definitely into reading because I know there are several areas where I am totally weak when it comes to initiation in bed, allowing myself to be sexual, and flirting with the intention of fulfilling his desires.   So this article peaked my interest…. 5 Ways to Be Sexually Playful While Clothed .  That is MY kind of article!!  So after you read the article, let’s talk about it.

The main 5 points are:  (1) don’t take offense…. if he does something you aren’t comfortable, teach him what you would like him to do instead!  (2) code words … I believe we hit on this in a Monday’s Mission…. (3) become comfortable with sexual joking… I liked hers at the beginning of her article!  Great comeback!   (4) stop worrying about “what the kids will think”…. and (5) Get courageous with sexual playfulness.

Me?  I have slowly but surely gotten better about #1.  I used to FLINCH when he touched me anywhere when I wasn’t expecting it.  You would have thought I just got burned by a cattle prod!  Instead of encouraging him with what made me feel more comfortable at the time, I spent time making him feel it was wrong to be sexually attracted enough to me to pat my butt or touch my arm.    #2 I’ve been trying to come up with some good ones.   But if I use one, I need to be prepared to follow through!  #3  sometimes my jokes aren’t funny, but I am willing to work on it!  #4 i think I am SO much better about that than I used to be.  So much better!  #5 That is still sometimes out of my comfort zone, so I think I need tutoring on that one … I really think it’s the Aspie in me that makes me just not get how to do it.   I’ll work on it.

So how about you?  Are you strong in any of these areas?  Did you have an “A HA!” moment on one?   Let me hear your thoughts!