Archive | March 15, 2013

POTW: Up Close and Personal

Here is another oral position for you ladies out there!  This is a FAVORITE in my house and we do it almost every time we make love.  All you need is your bed, although a sofa may work as well.

The wife lays flat on her back on the bed, but scoots all the way down to where her rear end is at the edge of the bed.  Her genitals need to be flush with the edge.  The husband kneels between her legs so that his face is right there.  The wife lifts her legs up and over his shoulders.  He can then wrap his arms around her legs and reach up to cup her breasts while he is pleasuring her orally.  If her legs get tired, she can place her feet directly on his shoulders.

Pros: The wife is lying down so she is very comfortable.  The husband is able to sit on the floor or on his knees and give oral attentions to his wife without getting a kink in his neck.

Cons: The height of your bed may play a role in you being able to do this one.