Reader Question: Helpful Marriage Bed Ideas

Here’s another email I got from a reader that I think could help us ALL!

I am slowly coming out of a self-imposed sexual shell with my husband.  I am beginning to find freedom and its wonderful!  For those of us who have the motivation and courage to step out and do the more daring, can you offer some ideas?  I love the POTW and we try those often.  If you have any additional thoughts (or resources) on the topic, I’d be so grateful!

5 thoughts on “Reader Question: Helpful Marriage Bed Ideas

  1. Here are some things I like to keep it spicy within my own relationship: Go on date nights where you dress up and tease each other throughout the night. You can even put a small vibrator inside of you and give your partner the remote. It can be fun to send teasing texts throughout the day – if that’s your style, or just tell your partner what you want to do later that night to create some anticipation. New toys can be fun, but what is even more fun is using them with your partner or letting your partner use them on you. Going to adult stores together to explore or just get ideas of what to do together can be great as well. I think a lot of it is about attitude. Looking at your partner like you want to devour them. Really digging in to one another when you are having sex. Looking each other in the eyes. Talking to one another. And (lastly!) my favorite thing is edging. If you’re not familiar, it’s when you delay orgasm on purpose. It can make sex last longer, put you in a deeper state of arousal, and make for super-strong orgasms.

    • Oh yeah, wearing a remote control vibrator while out and about while your husband has the controller is always a lot of fun (especially for the wife haha)!! Your husband can tease you on and off for as long as he wants (getting you all “hot and bothered”) and then make you come whenever he wants to. Mine gave me a good orgasm in the cereal section of the grocery store once. Who knew grocery shopping could be so much fun! 🙂

  2. Not sure the kinds of things you’re looking for, but here are some things I have done that my hubby loves:
    1. Pick him up from work wearing only your coat and nothing else (completely naked underneath)
    2. Wear a skirt when you go out with no underwear (above the knee works best for this). Give him little peeks or feels here and there.
    3. Having sex outside is always fantastic! (when you find a private secluded spot)
    4. Skinny dipping is so much fun and can lead to all sorts of fun.
    5. Sex in the outdoor hot tub
    6. Masturbating in front of your hubby is a HUGE turn on for most men.

    I was really hoping that your question would get a lot of responses. Keeping things sexy, wild, fun, and spontaneous in our sex lives is something we all need to work at. I think we can all benefit from hearing from each other on this one! I, for one, am always looking for new ideas!

  3. I have recently done the same thing, so let me say congratulations to you (and your DH!). It’s such a wonderful feeling to allow yourself to be free with your husband and delight in each other in your marriage bed! This site as well as the CN site have helped me come out of my shell and bless my husband with more sex! Not that we weren’t happy before, but we have grown so much closer by including sex as one of our priorities.
    I know you have asked for help in your marriage bed, but may I suggest taking things out of the bedroom? We have had more fun in other rooms in our home! Different furniture in different rooms allow for different positions and sensations. Countertops, tables, etc… really add some
    Spice to your time together. 🙂
    Just a thought! Enjoy! :).

  4. I don’t know why, but I haven’t checked this site in a long time and am in need of some new ideas too. So thank you!

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