Science of Pornography

My husband showed me this video about pornography.  It thought it would be a good topic of conversation.   After watching the video, post your comments on it.  Did you know this already?  Did you learn something new about pornography?  Will this make you RUN/FLEE from Porn?

4 thoughts on “Science of Pornography

  1. I am one of the women who has struggled with porn for years (until 2011), so this wasn’t news to me. It is all true…the desire to see more does become a habit pretty quickly, and it is a very difficult habit to break. For me it took both the conviction that viewing porn was wrong and finding a specific motivation to stop. For me, the conviction was related to my religious beliefs and was something I rebelled against for years. The motivation became serious when I began dating my husband…both of us have spent over a decade addicted to porn so the decision to work on this together has made us both stronger individually and as a couple.

    • thank you for sharing with us. May God continue to bless your marriage with your husband and keep any temptation to go back to the porn out of your life!

  2. eitak1988, thanks for sharing! May I ask how you managed to stop after all those years of exposure? What was your specific motivation to stop? Is it a daily struggle for you and your husband? I have a friend whose husband struggles with this. Any help/suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Just saw your question today! Sorry. 🙂 As a quick preface, my husband and I met when we were 23 and 30, so we had both started many years prior to our marriage. I’ve always believed that porn is wrong, and my husband has basically believed the same. So we were both totally going against our consciences every time there was porn on the screen. When I was about 12 I began seeking out opportunities to get online and access porn, and that was a pretty continuous pattern until I met my husband. His story is very similar.
    My motivation to stop viewing porn was twofold. I knew I didn’t want my husband to watch porn because I would feel extremely unloved and dishonored; so I didn’t want to do that to him. Also, I knew from experience that if we continued in this sin, we would almost certainly be tempted to try other sins. Porn definitely draws you into increasingly perverted desires. Shortly after we began dating, my husband and I had many conversations about what exactly we had seen and how porn could damage our future marriage.
    At this point I’m not tempted to watch porn every day. It probably crosses my mind once a week or so, but generally I’m able to immediately push it from my mind. My husband has been very open with me regarding this and he tells me that it still tempts him on occasion, but that he’s managed to not watch any porn since a couple months before our wedding. There is one major difference in our stories though: I was able to basically stop cold turkey. My husband has slowly learned to defeat his addiction to porn (originally going 2-3 days was difficult…then it was a week, then 2-3 weeks…then over a month, etc).
    So suggestions…have patience. Porn is a powerful enemy to overcome. Also, my husband has told me several times that I was most helpful when I was understood the difficultly of his struggle, but also told him that it’s unacceptable and that it was extremely hurtful to me. He also has a good (male) friend several years older than him who is able to kick his butt if need be…this has also been a major part of my husband’s journey. I think every guy deals with this differently. I really hope your friend’s husband is able to overcome this addiction! Please let her know I’m praying for her, and if I can do anything to help I’m willing. 🙂 God bless!

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