Monday’s Mission #10

If you are not crazy about sex with the lights on, go out and buy colored light bulbs for your bedroom (red is nice!!) and surprise your hubby with a naked you with oil on your body and the lights on!

5 thoughts on “Monday’s Mission #10

  1. I have gotten over my aversion to the lights being on. It is an amazing turn-on for him so why would I want to squash that?

    Women are always wondering how they can get their husband’s aroused…well, ditch the clothes and be naked. Sometimes that’s all it really takes. Let him see all of you. Ladies, they want to see you and any stretchmarks, cellulite, scars, or weight really doesn’t matter. Your confidence is the biggest turn on. The red light is a fabulous way to turn on the light so you can turn him on.

  2. What a great idea! My dh loves to have at least some light on to truly enjoy the view. I however, don’t always feel so comfy with that even after 20 years of marriage. Will be headed out to find the lowest wattage colored bulb I can find! My tip is to consider keeping a small lamp in the bedroom with a 15 or 25 watt bulb. The light is similar to that of candles and so easy to just flip a switch. Plus, maybe try using that lamp as a signal to one another that you’re looking forward to making love that night. Anticipation is a delicious way to wait for the time when you can be alone with kids and work out of the way.

  3. Got a little late to this with the hubby, but we left the lights on last night. Talk about incredible 🙂 I don’t like the lights on, hate it honestly, but if it excites him and pleases him and the end result was like last night. Wow… I will have to do this more often with dh.

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