POTW: Cowboy Position

This is a form of missionary.  It is simple to get into and it gives some wonderful sensations.  Just as the name implies, the husband will be the person on top.  The wife simply lies on her back but instead of having her legs spread, as in CAT or typical missionary, they are kept close together.  If your man is having a tough time with penetration, try starting with one leg open, as he inserts you can just put your legs together again.  He now gets up on his knees (he should have one knee on either side of you at this point) and he can get easy leverage.

Pros: * This position for tighter penetration for the husband.

* It allows shallow penetration position for men who are more endowed.

* Nice clitoral stimulation.

* Easy access to your breast.

* You are able to see each others face.


Con: * Can be a challenging position for the husband to get into.

* Leg movement is resticted for the wife.

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