Reader’s question: Shaving

Here’s our reader question of the week.

Just wondering what women think of a completely shaved penis (not just trimmed, but completely bald).  I’ve kept myself shaved bald for the majority of my married life and I absolutely love it!  And so does my husband! I know it’s the norm for women but what about men?  Do they like it (the look, the feel)?  Any difference when having sex?

Does your DH shave?  Do you like it?  Does he like it?  How does it make sex different?

18 thoughts on “Reader’s question: Shaving

  1. oh my goodness, yes!! The more he shaves the happier I am!! He actually shaves my.,.”privates” 😉 for me, and he tries to do a good job on himself! I don’t notice a difference in intercourse, but it makes oral SOOOO much more pleasant for me!!

    • The other advantage we’ve found is that when I go down on him and he cums, I’m happy to clean up any stray spray! He used to ask me to lick his balls, but there was no way I was doing that while he was forested! Now it’s all smooth, I’m happy to.

  2. I LOVE a completely shaved penis! I love the look, the feel, the freedom I have to do oral sex without worrying about getting a hair or two in my mouth… Plus, it actually makes the penis look bigger somehow, because the hair isn’t hiding the length… In my experience, making love doesn’t feel different with a bald penis. I think the difference ultimately is more psychological than anything else. Hey, if that’s primarily the only difference, it’s still way worth experimenting with! 😉

  3. How does everyone deal with ingrown hairs? I havent shaved for a while, mostly only trim, but Im looking into getting a wax soon. Before when I did shave I had a horrible ingrown hair that was infected for months 😦 How do you guys prevent this?

    • Sassysauder, try exfoliating with salt or sugar each day after shaving. Works GREAT!! I never have ingrown hairs when I do that. When I don’t do it…then I always have ingrown hairs.

  4. My DH shaves his off although I wouldn’t call it a smooth shave like I try to do on myself. I of course appreciate not having a bush while sucking his fun down there and vice versa. I notice it having sex right after he shaves because there is no hair covering his pubic bone and therefore not as much friction when I rub my clitoris against him in some positions. Once it’s grown out for a week or so it’s better again 😉

  5. I love it! It looks SO GOOD, and makes oral so much better for me. At the risk of sharing TMI, my hubby is a hairy hairy man. The first time he shaved it all off, he was amazed how much larger he was than he thought. Seriously, at least 3 inches were hidden under all that mess.

  6. My hubby trims (to about 1/2″), and I like that look. 🙂 It means he doesn’t get ingrown hairs, and he doesn’t have to do it all the time.
    BUT…I try to shave everything off, and I haven’t really figured out a good way to do it! I get ingrown hairs from a razor, and I haven’t been able to get used to the pain of waxing. And in either case, I have so much trouble getting those hairs that grow on the inside of the labia majora… Any ideas???

  7. My dh is quite hairy and I was amazed at the “look” when I saw him completely naked. He shaves himself as he’s not willing to try a professional method. Absolutely enjoy performing os even more without wishing I could get hair out of my mouth. I have gone the route of sugaring to remove all of my public hair. It’s much, much less painful than waxing. Sugar sticks to the hair only – not the skin! Which when we are talking about those delicate lady parts, less pain the better! And, no ingrown hairs to contend with!

    • Can you tell us more about the sugaring method? I wax, & it’s uber-painful! BUT, I also don’t want any leftover hairs. Help?

  8. Thanks for all the great advice, gals!! I got my hubby to shave himself bare last night. LOVE IT!!! So smooth and soft (the skin, that is, not his dick…that was quite hard haha). Sucking him was a real treat (no hair in my mouth). I also really enjoyed playing with him with my hands (the silky smooth skin felt really nice). My husband said that he had more sensation when I was playing with him too. Loved the shaved balls too!! Very sexy look!! Why hide all of that goodness behind hair? Now I know why men like us shaved bald too! 🙂

  9. Thanks ladies for the encouragement. I had my husband shave it all off on the weekend. It looks and feels amazing! I LOVE it! It felt different playing with it. I loved the smoothness above and below. Smooth balls are VERY NICE! And sucking it was even more fun – no fur ball to cough up after! 🙂 Thanks for all the comments and positive feedback!! I love this site.

  10. I love a bald penis!! I think my hubby’s hairless dick is really sexy! Actually, he shaves everything from waist up (chest, stomach, penis, scrotum…even his pits). I love his smooth body!! My husband says he sees more and more men at the gym bare as well. Seems to be catching on for men too (women have been going bald for many years!). I’ve never been a big fan of pubic hair (male or female).

  11. How many of your husbands shave themselves completely bare? Did they do it at your encouragement (because you’re bare yourself)? Or did they want to do it all on their own? Just curious how common it has become.

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