2 thoughts on “Monday’s Mission #9

  1. Sigh.. I wish I could flip a coin and make that happen. My hubby has a weight issue and his tummy sags a little over his genitalia so basically it means I have to get on top all the time if we want to have intercourse. He says he is trying to lose weight but his actions speak otherwise. I wish I could be bring it up but he is very sensitive about his body image/weight issues. And I guess it’s just hard resigning myself to the possibility of the same position every time we make love for the rest of our lives. I don’t know what to do exactly.

  2. Hi Tirzah. My husband and I struggle with some of the same body challenges that you’re dealing with. Some positions that work for us are me on my back with a pillow folded under my butt (this also helps missionary position) and one leg wrapped around his waist and the other up over his shoulder. This sounds awkward, but we both really enjoy it and it allows deep penetration and seems to work around the belly. Laying on my back on the edge of the bed (again with the pillow under my butt) and my feet up on his shoulders is another position that works well for us as the belly doesn’t seem to get in the way.

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