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POTW: The Electric Licorice

I don’t know what this position would be called so I asked my husband to help me think up a name for it and he suggested The Electric Licorice. Although the position has nothing at all to do with electricity or licorice I am going with it because a) it gave me a good laugh and b) I can’t think of any better name.

This is a good position if you and your husband like to experience an orgasm while standing up, but he doesn’t have the energy or strength to carry your weight in his arms while his mind is like jello from an O. This allows you to both be vertical, but the wife is actually being supported by the bed.

I have been unable to find a picture that portrays the position accurately so I will try to describe it as clearly as I can. To get into position the wife will kneel on the mattress at the edge of the bed and the husband will stand on the floor facing her. This works with a man and woman of average height difference and with an average height mattress. If you and your husband have a great height difference or you use bed risers you may need to modify the position. So ideally, when the wife is kneeling at the edge of the mattress and the husband is standing on the floor, their genitals will line up perfectly. This is the best picture I have found (safe picture with wooden figures), but understand that the position I am describing has the wife is facing her husband unlike this picture where the female is facing away.

One angle you may try is for the wife to lean back a bit, resting in her husband’s hands and holding on to his shoulders. The husband can enjoy the view of the wife’s breasts and her head thrown back and the penetration is very stimulating for both. Or you can bring your upper bodies closer together and enjoy it that way which will give you a different angle and perhaps stimulate your clitoris more directly. If you are having trouble making it work try separating your knees in varying degrees.


A nice vertical position that isn’t physically draining for either husband or wife

Face to face love making without one partner laying on the other

Relatively simple to accomplish


May take some time to figure out the right angle.

May not work for all couples, depending on their height or bedroom arrangements