Reader’s question: Introducing new positions

Here’s our next reader’s question:

My question is about introducing new postitions.  How do you tend to go about that?  Do you describe a new position to hubby and do a “dress rehearsal” to make sure you both know what to do?  Do you say in the middle of foreplay, “hey, let’s try a new position!”?  Do you discuss it over breakfast?

Okay, readers?  How do you ask to try or introduce a new position to your husband?

2 thoughts on “Reader’s question: Introducing new positions

  1. ha! I recognize this question 🙂 I asked it.
    Beyond even this, is do you find new positions to be a bit hindering? We often find that when we are trying something new, it really doesn’t work out for us and then we revert to a tried but true… but by then, we’ve lost a bit of “lust” due to the effort put in to trying to make the new position work. I guess perhaps it’s that with a new position, we really aren’t on the same page as far as what is working, exactly how to position ourselves, etc. Does this resonate with anyone else, or are we just inept in bed…LOL.

  2. I find the exact same thing happens. 🙂 Sometimes I find if it’s a similar position to one we like already (i.e. Cowgirl), I sneak it in and ask my DH if it’s good for him (like the Frog position). More often than not, he likes it. Kinda adds the element of surprise for him. If he doesn’t, I stop and change back to something we both like.

    Sometimes I’ll share the description of it with him if it’s in print format, and we’ll discuss what we think of it and if we want to try it. Some positions have worked… some have not. But thinking about the “have nots” has certainly given us something to laugh about later. 🙂

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