Can a Bad Marriage Hurt Your Health?

While perusing around on Facebook last week, I came upon an article that was linked to by the Marriage Bed’s fan page.  The article was posted by Paul on the Generous Husband, but he linked to the original article her read here.  The article is about 4 years old, but I still believe the information being pertinent today.

As I read this article, it made a lot of sense.  I believe my DH and I are in a happy marriage.  We agree on things for the most  part, but honestly, he usually makes better decisions than me, so I usually defer to him in most of our “disagreements”…which is all they usually are.   We don’t fight, verbally or physically.  We don’t get into loud shouting matches with each other.   No, we’re not perfect, but my marriage isn’t stressful.   My job, that’s another story, but not my marriage.   That’s where my stress comes in.

I sometimes get envious of how my DH can just drop things at the door.   The only thing that seems to really keep his mind preoccupied is his Dad’s health, which I totally understand since my Dad’s health is an issue right now, too.   I attach my emotions to everything, though.  At work, I try to be a compassionate employer and a compassionate servant to the people who walk through the door of my company.   I try to treat people better than I would want to be treated.   But when you work with (and for) people, there will always be conflict.  Employees misunderstand what I have said, and instead of coming to me for clarification, they let it fester until they blow up at me.    Or customers blatantly break handbook rules, and expect to be the exception to the rule and get angry at me for that.   ( I work in childcare)    I love it especially (not) when they are mad at me because I have to follow State guidelines or lose my license.   I carry this home and cannot drop it at the door.  It festers in my mind all night.   This quote applies to me … “The things that lead to emotional health and lower levels of heart disease are being in a supportive environment and learning how to delegate: you can’t have a to-do list with 20 things on it if you can only do five,”  

So how would you rate your marriage?  Are you in a good marriage or a bad marriage?  What can you do to make it better for both of you?


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