Archive | February 15, 2013

POTW: Cupid Arrow

OK, you are probably thinking that I came up with the name Cupid’s Arrow just in time for Valentine’s Day and I guess you are right but it is pretty fitting.  This is a woman on top position that allows fantastic G-spot as well as clitoral stimulation but instead of you controlling all the movements, it is your husband who will be determining the depth.  I’m sure he will not mind getting some specific directions from you if needed.  Just yell out your commands to him to go faster or slower and he will be more than happy to please you.  The last time we did this position I told my husband he was lucky I didn’t drool on him.   Not the loveliest image but I’m telling you, it’s that good!!

Have your husband lay flat on his back while you straddle him like a typical cowgirl position.  Support your weight on your knees (which should be on either side of him) and lean forward so that you can rest your weight on your elbows.  Make sure you are forward enough so that your clitoris is being stimulated by rubbing on him.  Have him bend his legs slightly at the knees so that he has leverage to do his thrusting.  Your husband will have freedom to thrust as fast or as slow as he wants.  With each thrust you should also be getting stimulation on your clitoris and his “arrow” should be hitting your G-spot.  The results are mind blowing orgasms.

Pros: ~ Multiple types of stimulation all at the same time.

~ Coordination galore is not needed. (Anyone can do it.)

~Face to face contact.

Cons: ~ I can’t think of any.  Well, I guess you could run into that drooling scenario but my husband told me that he could care less if it did happen.  Truth be told, I think it would make him feel pretty good now that I think about it.