Reader’s Question: Asymmetrical breasts

While reading my emails, I decided to start a new category for posts from y’all called Reader questions, and Tanya, you get to be the first one!  (I know she won’t mind…she emails me all the time.  😉  )

Boobs is the topic.  Just wondering how many of you have asymmetrical boobs (one bigger or smaller than the other)?  I have D cups boobs and they’ve always been uneven (even when I first developed). It has always made me a bit self conscious. I even had a doctor comment on it once. He said I should get that fixed (make one bigger or the other one smaller). He even said, “Well, maybe you’ll have a husband someday that doesn’t care.”  Turns out I do have a husband who doesn’t care…not one bit!!!  He LOVES my boobs…says I have the nicest titties he’s ever seen.  He never ever wants me to have any surgery to change them. “I love you just the way you are…you’re perfect to me.”  Anyway, just wondering how many other women have one boob bigger/smaller than the other. Is it a noticeable difference? What about smaller boobs? Is that still an issue with them (say an A cup or a B cup)?

I personally don’t have either problem…. asymmetrical breasts or size D cup … SO readers, this is your chance to chime in.  Please keep it on the topic at hand to answer our sister’s question…. Happy discussing!!!

13 thoughts on “Reader’s Question: Asymmetrical breasts

  1. I am DD, and I do think that one side is a tad bigger, but not noticeable so. I think most women have different size breasts, but usually not so much that it’s noticeable. I say if you’re happy and hubby’s happy, there is no reason to intervene.

  2. I think some people have it… my one breast is slightly smaller than the other and a tiny bit different shape. Im a C cup and my sis in law is a B cup and hers are a little off too. I think its great that your hubby loves them!

  3. It’s really funny – I’ve had breast implants (about 8 years now), and both before AND after the surgery, my left boob was always slightly larger. Not enough to show up in clothes, but I could always tell by the way my bras & bathing suits fit. Hubby doesn’t notice/mind at all!

  4. I’m a B cup, and my right boob is definitely bigger than my left. It isn’t noticeable with a bra and shirt on, so my husband is the only one who really notices (other than me lol). He doesn’t care, though. He thinks it’s kind of funny and he teases me about which is his favorite, but he can’t keep his hands off of either!

  5. I have asymmetrical breasts. My right larger than the left, not too noticeably… I’m a 36C. But it can be annoying when I’ve left my bra off and one is a little perkier than the other. Or having to adjust my bra when one tries to pop out. My husband says he loves my breasts; they’re “perfect” to him. I’m still getting comfortable with my sexuality (freshly married virgin) and so I’m pretty self conscious as it is… Just glad my husband is happy with them 😛

  6. I notice a difference in my As, but I never comment on them, other than I wish they were bigger. 😉 My hubby never comments either. I wonder if he notices, but I don’t wanna ask and draw attention to them. He likes them the way they are, so I am very happy.

  7. I also have asymmetrical breasts. The right side is a C cup and the left is slightly larger. I have read online, so not verified, that most women have one breast larger (usually the left) than the other. Mine are close enough that it’s hard to notice: when the hormones kick in, the left side bulges out of my bra and makes some ugly lumps if I wear a tight shirt. So I have adapted with a larger bra or loose shirt when that happens. I don’t think about it too much though I sometimes notice it in the mirror after I shower.
    You are not alone in both asymmetrical breasts and not caring too much about it!

  8. You are not alone! I, too have had this problem even since development. It seems that it is becoming even greater with age (I’m 46). I am also very self conscious and I have to be cautious of the style of shirts/blouses that I wear because it can be very noticeable if I wear the wrong thing (especially stripes or anything showing a little cleavage). I have a size C and maybe a size A so finding a bra that fits right is even a challenge. Every doctor I have ever seen has commented and I always hate waiting for the questions I know are coming! I did have one doctor who had the perfect comment…”That’s perfectly the way God created you to be!” A recent mammogram actually showed that the smaller breast is missing several glands. That explains a lot, including why it was so difficult to successfully breast feed my babies from that side. My DH is amazing! He doesn’t mind at all! I think he even feels blessed to have a little variety! I think he actually prefers the size A boob. He is forever telling me how much he loves every inch of my body! Thank you so much for having the courage to ask these questions! I never have had the guts to even talk about it to anyone besides my DH and a few docs, not even my daughter!

  9. ugh! i have both those problems! i’d never particularly noticed or cared until about a year after my hub and i got married. i’m verry self concious about it! and also now that i’m 3months postpartum….i was a c when we got married, and now i’m a d/dd… eh! it’s not a dramatic difference, but i can notice in pictures of me, and it makes me feel like other people notice, especially my husband…. who (innocently) thinks that my breasts can “even out” with stimulation… i wish! i dont want to ever get any surgury, my opinion is if it’s not life or death, cosmetic surgery isnt for me… but still doesnt solve the selfconsious issue of my breasts!

  10. Ha! I have B cups, and one is bigger than the other. It kinda annoys me, but my hubby doesn’t seem to mind. He’s always saying he likes them. I can’t believe a doctor would say that!

  11. I also have asymmetrical breasts. One is a F cup; one is a C-D cup (Not sure). I have to wear 34F size bras to fit the one, and then usually supplement the other with a chicken cutlet. They’ve been like this since development.

    I’ve seriously considered surgery of some kind, but my mother-in-law (a former nurse) told me I was pretty normal. My DH has told me he loves them, and like previous comments, thinks he has the best of both worlds. However, he has honestly told me sometimes that he wishes they were the same size, and has been open to me getting surgery if I want it. He also doesn’t like that bras cost so much and are so hard to get at this size.

    I toss back and forth about getting surgery, but I know there are risks. I also want to be able to breast feed if we start to have children, so that concerns me too. Either way, they’re healthy. That’s what matters. Glad to hear that so many other DHs don’t care about it. 🙂

  12. Thanks so much for all the replies everyone!! I’m so glad to know I’m not alone. I really appreciate your willingness to share. I feel a lot better (even normal, which I’ve never felt before). Thank you!

  13. Same here! B cups, but one has “extra space” inside that bra! Before I married my DH, I broke the news lightheartedly to him by warning him, “They’re sisters – not twins!” On our wedding night, I was nervous to reveal them, but he reacted so enthusiastically, and still does. He does not show more favor toward one or the other, he loves on them both:)

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