Archive | February 13, 2013

Reader’s Question: Asymmetrical breasts

While reading my emails, I decided to start a new category for posts from y’all called Reader questions, and Tanya, you get to be the first one!  (I know she won’t mind…she emails me all the time.  😉  )

Boobs is the topic.  Just wondering how many of you have asymmetrical boobs (one bigger or smaller than the other)?  I have D cups boobs and they’ve always been uneven (even when I first developed). It has always made me a bit self conscious. I even had a doctor comment on it once. He said I should get that fixed (make one bigger or the other one smaller). He even said, “Well, maybe you’ll have a husband someday that doesn’t care.”  Turns out I do have a husband who doesn’t care…not one bit!!!  He LOVES my boobs…says I have the nicest titties he’s ever seen.  He never ever wants me to have any surgery to change them. “I love you just the way you are…you’re perfect to me.”  Anyway, just wondering how many other women have one boob bigger/smaller than the other. Is it a noticeable difference? What about smaller boobs? Is that still an issue with them (say an A cup or a B cup)?

I personally don’t have either problem…. asymmetrical breasts or size D cup … SO readers, this is your chance to chime in.  Please keep it on the topic at hand to answer our sister’s question…. Happy discussing!!!