Something New starting THIS WEEK!

Catching up with my email has given me a new series idea.  I really would like to see more reader input  in the comment section, so I am starting a new series…. Reader questions.   I will respond personally to some of the Got Questions posted to me that are more personal, but there are some where I think it would be great to have reader responses, too, because there may be some readers too embarrassed to ask.   Please keep your reponses civil and helpful to the person who asked the question…. I think this has great potential.

So Wednesdays will be our Reader Question day starting this week.  I hope that you will participate to help others where you have had the same experience or if you’ve been wondering the same thing too…. sometimes it makes us feel better to know we are not alone.

Thanks for all your help with making this new series successful.  I can’t wait to see where God will take us all!

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