Start a Small Kitchen Fire

A friend of mine posted this article on her facebook page.

As I read through the blog post, I thought…oh, crap.  This is me.   I am so busy doing whatever I think is important that I TOTALLY miss the mark with my husband.  I totally forget that when he comes home that he has just spent a long day without me, and he just needs his heart filled.   And I am the one who he comes to fill it, and I fail time and time again.   This is something I gravely need to work on.   Really hard.  To be a warm, welcoming wife.

This is my favorite part of this blog …

So what does a husband really need? More than dinner. He needs your eyes to light up when he enters the room. He needs to know that how thrilled you are that he’s home. How your heart leaps because you two are together again.
He needs a warm, welcoming wife.

So very warm – that the two of you alone could start a small kitchen fire.

How about you?

One thought on “Start a Small Kitchen Fire

  1. Wow! What a great article by Lisa! I have ignored my DH so many times like this! I didn’t think of it as ignoring him at the time I guess. I didn’t mean to convey to him that whatever I was chopping at the moment is more important than him! I was trying to please him by getting the dinner on the table, but how pleased would he be if I loved on him for a few minutes? Those carrots can wait!!
    I’m trying to greet him at the door each evening when he gets home now! I remember my mom always made sure she had just applied fresh lipstick right before my dad came home. Maybe I’ll start doing that. 😉

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