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Throwback Thursdays: Ripped Panties (A Tutorial)

One thing that can be really passionate in the bedroom is having your husband RIP your panties off of you just before you make love.  But sometimes the fabrics are too hard to rip and sometimes your panties are too expensive to throw away!  If you are interested in adding this spice to your bedroom, then listen up to some quick and easy tips that will make it easy for you and your husband!

First off, you need to find some sexy panties (thongs work the best but any kind will do) really cheap.  Make sure that you KNOW they will fit you well, and then buy lots of them.  I found some lacy thongs on sale one time for $1/each.  There were just tons of thongs all thrown on a large display table in the middle of the lingerie dept.  I think I bought 25 or so that day!

Now, once you get home, put a pair on and stand in front of the mirror.  Imagine that you and your husband are making out and you want him to be able to just RIP those panties off of you so that you two can make passionate love!  In order to make it easier for him (and to make sure that he doesn’t hurt you in the process) you need a pair of fingernail clippers or scissors.  A knife will work but fingernail clippers or scissors work better.

You start out with a pair of panties.

Mint Green Thong

Then you want to cut one side of them to the point that they are just holding together by a couple of strings.  It makes a very discreet cut that is barely noticeable.

Top left side cut.

Thongs are the easiest, but you can also do the same exact thing to other types of panties.  Here is a pair of black lacy boyshorts:


I cut them from the bottom up to the top, because I will need the waistband to help them stay on me.  I did it on the left side because my husband is right handed.

Cut up the left side.

But I did cut part of the waist band and left it hanging on by just a couple of strings, so that it would be easy for my husband to rip them off of me:

Up close view of cut.

Doing the above steps will still allow you to wear your undies on your date or special night.  You just leave enough of a waistband to hold them on you.  But you cut enough of them to make it easy for your husband to rip them off you in the heat of the moment.

What would be fun is to do the above steps without telling your husband.  (you may want to make a cut on the left and right sides to make sure that whatever side he grabs will rip) Then when things are heating up , you simply tell him something like “Rip off my panties and take me now!”  (or something to that effect) and see if he’ll really try to rip them off of you!  Won’t he feel pretty studly after doing that!

Or, of course you can tell him that you found this tutorial on CN and that you’d like to try it sometime and see how it works.  This could easily fit in with pre-arranged positions and such too.  For example, if you know that your husband loves to turn you over and take you from behind, then you can cut your panties in the back, so that he can turn you over and then rip them off of you from behind!

Just another little thing I thought I’d throw your way.  Try it and see how it works for you, and if you have any other tips or tricks for this type of thing, then leave your suggestions in the comment box for the rest of us!

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Reader’s question: Introducing new positions

Here’s our next reader’s question:

My question is about introducing new postitions.  How do you tend to go about that?  Do you describe a new position to hubby and do a “dress rehearsal” to make sure you both know what to do?  Do you say in the middle of foreplay, “hey, let’s try a new position!”?  Do you discuss it over breakfast?

Okay, readers?  How do you ask to try or introduce a new position to your husband?

Can a Bad Marriage Hurt Your Health?

While perusing around on Facebook last week, I came upon an article that was linked to by the Marriage Bed’s fan page.  The article was posted by Paul on the Generous Husband, but he linked to the original article her read here.  The article is about 4 years old, but I still believe the information being pertinent today.

As I read this article, it made a lot of sense.  I believe my DH and I are in a happy marriage.  We agree on things for the most  part, but honestly, he usually makes better decisions than me, so I usually defer to him in most of our “disagreements”…which is all they usually are.   We don’t fight, verbally or physically.  We don’t get into loud shouting matches with each other.   No, we’re not perfect, but my marriage isn’t stressful.   My job, that’s another story, but not my marriage.   That’s where my stress comes in.

I sometimes get envious of how my DH can just drop things at the door.   The only thing that seems to really keep his mind preoccupied is his Dad’s health, which I totally understand since my Dad’s health is an issue right now, too.   I attach my emotions to everything, though.  At work, I try to be a compassionate employer and a compassionate servant to the people who walk through the door of my company.   I try to treat people better than I would want to be treated.   But when you work with (and for) people, there will always be conflict.  Employees misunderstand what I have said, and instead of coming to me for clarification, they let it fester until they blow up at me.    Or customers blatantly break handbook rules, and expect to be the exception to the rule and get angry at me for that.   ( I work in childcare)    I love it especially (not) when they are mad at me because I have to follow State guidelines or lose my license.   I carry this home and cannot drop it at the door.  It festers in my mind all night.   This quote applies to me … “The things that lead to emotional health and lower levels of heart disease are being in a supportive environment and learning how to delegate: you can’t have a to-do list with 20 things on it if you can only do five,”  

So how would you rate your marriage?  Are you in a good marriage or a bad marriage?  What can you do to make it better for both of you?