Archive | January 18, 2013

POTW: The Table Hug

Okay, this is another standing position with a small twist.  You will need a table or countertop for this one, although I’m sure you could use other pieces of furniture as well.  Let me see if I can explain it correctly.

The husband will lean back onto the table, in an almost sitting position, but making sure that his feet are still firmly planted on the ground.  The wife faces him, standing in between his legs as if they are going to hug.  The husband then picks up his left leg and places that foot up on the table or counter to his side.  The wife then picks up her right leg and puts it on the table, through the opening that her husband just made.  She can leave her leg anywhere that it’s comfortable on top of the table or even wrap it around his bum.  To see what this looks like, click here.

Penetration is now able to occur and the couple is able to fondle, grope, and kiss passionately since this is a face-to-face position.  This position is slightly similar to Position #4:  Quickies on the Counter, except in this position it’s the husband who is leaning back onto the table/counter instead of the wife sitting on it.

Pros: The couple is able to use the table/counter to help them keep their balance and to help them not tire as easily.

Cons: Make sure the table you use is sturdy and can handle the weight put upon it!