Making Time For Your Marriage

My hubby and I went on a date night this past weekend.   We had to sit long and hard and think about when our last date night was….. it was too long ago!  We take for granted nights that we “work” together playing in a band together…. cause we do these without the kids, but it’s not really just time about us.

So we went out to have dinner using a gift card I received for Christmas, then we went to see Lincoln at the movie theater (again, with a gift card!) and afterwards, we went out for ice cream.   It was the first time in a long time that the conversations didn’t revolve around the kids!

If there is one thing I have gotten better at over the years, is being able to let go of the kids and focus on my hubby when we go out on dates.  It is nice to be able to give our 16 year old some money and say “take your sister out to dinner” and not have to worry about them being at home.   They get to go eat where they want to and have a “parent free” night, and we get to enjoy being a couple for a short period of time.

Do you make regular date night time with your hubby?  How often do you go out?   Where do you get inexpensive date ideas?

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