Monday’s Mission #2

How did your first Monday Mission go?  Were you able to do it?

Here is your next mission….write an erotic story for your husband. It can be tame, hot, or anywhere in between.  Write about a fantasy you have with your hubby or a fantasy he has told you about.  You can mail it to him, put it in his favorite reading area or leave it on his pillow.  Be sure to spray it with his favorite cologne!!   Have fun!


3 thoughts on “Monday’s Mission #2

  1. I just started today writing out Song of Solomon for my husband. I’m taking the text and making it specific in the language that we might use. It has been great to ponder what the writer was trying to convey and think through how it applies to me and challenges me in the ways that I value my husbands character, body, etc.

  2. Oh my goodness I LOVE this idea!!! He often asks me to write him erotic stories, but I never know what to say 🙂

    Love- Young Lady

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