POTW: Stargazer

I was drawn to this position because of its name, Stargazer.  I love looking at the stars and figuring out the different patterns.  I thought my husband would love just laying back and relaxing.  There was no doubt in my mind that this was going to end up being our all time favorite position. Little did I know that this would be a memorable position for much different reasons then I expected.

Get into a simple woman on top position, facing your husband with him laying flat on his back. His legs slightly separated and slightly bent.  You can either have the balls of you feet flat on the mattress or you can just support yourself on your knees.  Once you are in position you can slowly lay back so that you are in a position to do some stargazing.  I found that if you support yourself with your arm on either side while leaning back that you can get more leverage.

This is nice because it hits the woman’s g-spot and it allows her husband to stimulate her clitoris pretty easily.  However, when you are leaning back you need to keep a few things in mind.  As you are reclining do it very slowly just in case you are squishing your man’s family jewels and do not have him put his knees together as you go back.  That will only bring the squishing up a notch.  The second thing to keep in mind is that your man has an erection and if it is one of those erections that don’t ‘give’ and aren’t ‘flexible’ then it could result in some pain.

So, if it sounds like I am telling you what not to do out of personal experience then you are correct.  We did have some laughs when all was said and done but this position just was not in the stars for us.  Don’t worry about my husband.  He is fine and he did leave our bed a happy camper after all was said and done.  If anyone has any suggestions then please feel free the share and perhaps we will give it another whirl.

2 thoughts on “POTW: Stargazer

  1. We’ve done a variation of this. I can’t lay all the way back, but if I put my feet out in front by his head it works pretty well. I just have to be careful to not lean back too far as it pulls his tool down too far and hurts him.

  2. This one made me smile! I can say from personal experience that doing this position on a waterbed makes all the difference in the world. And now, I’ve got a name for the position – thanks!

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