Over the past few days, I have learned just how weak my pelvic floor muscles have gotten.   On a 4 hour trip to visit my family over the holidays, we were ALMOST there, then all of the sudden I had to go NOW or pee on myself.  I had to make an emergency stop and run into the bathroom!  I had just gone the bathroom an hour before that.  On the day I was returning home, all the sudden I was going the bathroom every 8 minutes….. so thinking I had a bladder infection, I called my doctor and asked could she call me in something for it so I could start getting some help on my way home.  She did, I took it and made it home with far fewer stops….which was weird.   I finally put two and two together yesterday…. I wear panty liners and each time I was in the bathroom, I smelled pee on them….  my bladder is leaking and my pelvic muscles aren’t holding.

So on my way home from a function with DH’s family, I tried to do some kegels on the way home.  I couldn’t hold more than 4 seconds!  Then they would give.  I was severely out of practice.   By the time I went for bed, I could hold for 6 seconds, but wasn’t able to hold like the article I linked to above, so I’ve got some work cut out for me.

There is also an article on them here at Christian Nymphos written by yours truly.  I have always been a person who could really care less about kegels and really thought they were stupid….well, now I wish I hadn’t.   I will start back doing my kegels…. trying to get my muscles back in shape in hopes that I can stop this urinary incontinence problem I am having…. cause it’s getting annoying!

So if you are in the same boat I was in years ago thinking they weren’t important, think again. Start doing them now…. there is still time and hope!  LOL.   Besides, good, strong pelvic floor muscles feel really good to your DH if you do them during intercourse!    Happy  kegeling!

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