Happy 1st Anniversary, Monogabliss!

This time last year, I was beginning my new journey on this new blog!  I am so excited that God helped me continue the ministry He started on Christian Nymphos.   It has been a joy to work through a tough first year of settling in on my own writings while trying to help keep the name of Christian Nymphos out there as a source for all married women who have questions about God’s intention for sex in marriage.

In this next year, may God continue to bless this ministry and help me to continue to help you in any way that He feels that myself and my readers need.   Thank you, my faithful readers, for continuing to follow me and recommend my blog to your friends!

One thought on “Happy 1st Anniversary, Monogabliss!

  1. Happy Anniversary! I just recently found your blog and have been enjoying your spicy words of wisdom 😉 May God richly bless your efforts in the coming year.

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