I did an article back on CN about touch… What’s touch got to do with it.  It was an article that dealt with the importance of touch in your relationship with your spouse.   Touching the skin releases oxytocin, which is majorly important to intimacy and orgasm…. but this time I want to talk about how we like to be touched…. when, where, etc.

When my DH and I first got married, his hands went to two areas, and to me it seemed like two areas only…. my breasts and my labia and vagina.   To me, that drove me nuts, in a bad way.  I felt like I was only being groped by him.    It got so bad, really to the point I would jump like I didn’t want him to touch me, when he touched me anywhere…. to me I thought it lead to groping  and to sex every time he touched me.   I really do think in extremes…I’ll warn you of that now.

Since then, DH and I have talked about what we both like… I love the feeling of him holding my hand.   His hands are so big, they make me feel so petite (which I am not, but I can dream!) and secure.  I love the feeling of his hand in mine.   I like it when he uses his whole hand on my skin…. he tends to like to touch with his fingertips on my skin which feels ticklish, so sometimes I need to grab his hand and show him how I want to be touched.   The feeling of his big hands running across my skin is really exhilarating.   I like to be touched everywhere….running his hands down my arms, across my back, along my sides, and yes, eventually to all my genitalia….just not right away.   I can feel the oxytocin being released when he does that for me.

For him, he doesn’t particularly like all the rubbing his chest, arms, shoulders, etc… he wants me to go straight to his  penis.   That’s what he likes me to touch.   Now, of course, in public, I’m going to hold his hand, place my hands on his arms or around him, but when it comes to intimacy, that’s the only place he wants touched.

As long as we both understand what our touch does for the other, it can be amazing.   Absolutely amazing.

It’s important to communicate and to remember what your spouse’s likes and dislikes are.   Don’t keep doing the same thing because that’s what YOU want to do…incorporate the kind of touch that makes him go wild.  I guarantee that you’ll see results, not only physically on him, but emotionally from him to make you feel the same way.

So…what are your experiences with touch?  What kind of touch is important to you?   Do you know what kind of touch is important to your spouse?   (Please don’t get graphic in your comments….they won’t be published or they will be heavily moderated.)


One thought on “Touch

  1. I’m pretty sure physical touch is my primary love language. I need to be touched by my husband often. I love to hold hands when we’re out, have his hand on my knee/thigh when we are sitting in church, cuddle on the couch watching TV. I can’t get enough touch. My husband enjoys touch as well, but not to the extent that I do. Sometimes he gets annoyed at my constant touching…and then I get my feelings hurt. During intimacy, he likes to be touched pretty much anywhere though. I love to run my hands through his hairy chest…and he likes that too. Yum!

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