Throwback Thursdays: Instructional Sex Videos

Question: My wife and I have started to watch instructional videos by “better sex” and we are wondering if that is OK. We both were looking for something a little more “detailed” and “explicit,” but not porn. Is this wrong?

Answer: I researched the Better Sex Guide DVDs and my initial impression is that it is probably best to avoid them. Here are my reasons:

1) In most cases, the actors are not actually married (though they may be acting as though they are) so not only are you entering in to voyeurism, but you are also supporting an industry that doesn’t hold any regard for the standard God established for a wonderful sex life.

2) I am convinced that you can learn more by communicating well with one another and reading non-pornographic material from Christians who hold a godly world view on sexuality than you can learn from such videos. There are so many wonderful books and websites released by people who are making every effort to be sure that their sex lives line up with God’s standard. If you want to become better lovers, you are better off pursuing healthy information like this from Christians and establishing good communication about your sexual relationship. The DVDs seem like the easy way out and will not benefit you as greatly in the long run. Many of the reviews I read indicated that they weren’t very helpful to the people who watched them anyway.

3) Finally, the issue of lust is a key and you would be hard pressed to convince me that men and women can watch these DVDs without allowing the sin of lust into their hearts.

Thank you for your question. We bless you and your wife to have an increase in godly passion in your marriage.

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