POTW: The Corner Pocket

The “Corner Pocket” position is supposed to be done in a swimming pool… and just in time for the end of summer! Since the water makes you so buoyant, many positions can be done with ease, but the “Corner Pocket” makes use of the weightlessness of the water and the stability of the sides of the pool. Sorry girls, if you thought this was going to be a position for you to perform on a billiards table.  Maybe I’ll look into that for next time.
1.  Get in the pool… clothing optional.
2.  After teasing each other enough while swimming around, find a secluded corner of the pool.
3.  Once there, the wife positions herself with her back in the corner.
4.  The husband will then swim up between her legs to enter while the wife holds on to the sides of the pool.  Make sure you find an easy way to secure yourself.  You may want to try extending your arms along the outside of the pool or by simply bringing your hands up next to your shoulders to grip the edges.

5.  The wife may then want to wrap her legs around her husbands waste as he holds onto her waste, cups her bottom or holds onto the side of the pool.

6.  Enjoy each other and the free feeling of being in the water.  Your back may drift away slightly from the side of the pool.  Just let the water and the moment take you.

Things to consider:

  •  If you don’t have a pool at your disposal maybe you can adapt this position for a natural body of water or even a hot tub. If your pool is circular, then just pick a spot!
  •  Ample lubrication is a must for good sex, but the presence of water may wash away natural lube. If this might be a problem for you, then make sure you have some silicone lubrication on hand.
  •  Privacy. Make sure you do this when no one else is around.

Have fun getting wet and wild!!!

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2 thoughts on “POTW: The Corner Pocket

  1. What is it about skinny dipping that is so sexy? There’s just something about swimming in a lake or a swimming pool totally naked that is so erotic or sensual. Being naked outside is just different from being naked in your home. There’s something exhilarating about it all! Hubby and I both LOVE IT! (wish we could do it more often, for sure!!!).

    We’ve never had sex while in the water (underwater). I usually end up sitting on the edge of the pool so my husband can go down on me (edge of hot tub works really well for this too!!). I always thought that having pool or lake water being forced inside you (which is inevitable, isn’t it?) wouldn’t be the healthiest thing to do (possibility of infection etc.). Correct me if I’m wrong. I love the whole swimming naked thing and fooling around in the water. We just have never had actual PIV in the water.

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